Push Notification service

The pushservice element declares that applications will use platform push notification services (Google Cloud Messaging, Apple APNs, Microsoft MPNS or Nokia Asha Push Notification Service). This element contains information about platform push services.

The pushservice must be declared for all platforms in order to use push notifications.

<pushservice androidGCMProjectId="01:05:47:52:11" />

For iOS, to enable the application to receive push notifications, a special mobile provision (signature) must be created. Follow these steps when creating the mobile provision in the iOS provisioning portal:

  • Add an application identifier for the push notification application
    • Use an explicit bundle id (not a wildcard)
    • Select Push Notification in the App Service to allow the application to receive push messages
  • Create the mobile provision (development and/or distribution) using the application identifier just created

The generated mobile provision must be downloaded and given to NeoMAD via the URS to sign the application (see IOS signature).