NeoMAD 4.8.4 release notes

March 12, 2022


Sets an identifier to a marker. This will enable the system to optimize the usage of the marker. When a new marker is created, if it has the same identifier as an existing one, it can be reused instead of allocating a new marker. This is particularly useful if some markers share the same icon.

Push notification for Android

Push notification service API was updated to use Firebase Cloud Messaging for Android.

Projects that relied on old GCM must perform the update by:

  • updating their server side to use FCM
  • declaring and configuring their project on Firebase
  • updating the NeoMAD project configuration

Configure the Firebase project

Please follow the Google documentation:

Update NeoMAD configuration

Download and put the google-services.json file that can be found in the project Firebase console (under the project paramaters) in a directory in the project (let’s say android/pushservice for the example).

Update the URS by replacing the attribute androidGCMProjectId by the new attribute googleServices with the path to the google-services.json

<pushservice googleServices="android/pushservice/google-services.json" />


  • iOS:
    • Fix Datepicker on iOS 14 and 15 to use a “wheel” as before