NeoMAD 3.5.1 release notes

December 20, 2013

NeoMAD 3.5.1 is a maintenance release proposing small enhancements and fixes.


Build chain

  • Add support for format specifiers (%s, %d) in the string resources (supported on Android, iOS and Windows Phone)

Generic API for BlackBerry

  • Implement ListAdapter and ItemTypeAdapter
  • Implement LocaleUtils
  • Implement ListView.setRowHeight(int)
  • Implement ComboBox.openChooser()
  • Implement the Switch UI component

Documentation and examples

  • Allow importing the examples as projects into Eclipse
  • AsyncListExample and NotificationExample: add the main screen title (necessary for iOS)
  • Add documentation about the behavior of services on iOS 7 (cf. Javadoc of

Fixed bugs

Build chain

  • Fix bug with string resources on BlackBerry: resources of several NeoMAD applications were mixed
  • Fix <binaryname> with spaces on iOS

Generic API for BlackBerry

  • Fix a life-cycle bug: the Application.onCreate() method was not called
  • Fix FileStorage: a wrong root folder was used
  • Fix ComboBox layout bug when setItems() is called
  • Fix an IllegalArgumentException that was thrown when a File path contained double slashes

Generic API for iOS

  • Fix a life-cycle bug: prevent onResume() and onPause() being called twice when the device is rotated
  • Improve the behavior of services on iOS 7
  • Fix the display of Toast on iPad
  • ListView: remove selection style on items which are disabled
  • Fix ItemClickedListener: the onItemClicked() callback was called with a wrong parameter
  • Fix local notifications: the callback was called too early

Generic API for Windows Phone 7

  • Fix LocaleUtils.getDefault() to show ISO locale string
  • Allow to use services and local notifications in the same application