NeoMAD 3.0.1 release notes

May 31, 2012

NeoMAD 3.0.1 is a maintenance release proposing small enhancements and fixes:

  • Resource variations: fix Android support (density extra-high was introduced in API Level 8 and size extra-large in API Level 9)
  • Launch BlackBerry and Java ME simulators asynchronously
  • Add control to make sure that the languages declared in the CSV file are valid according to the ISO 639-1 norm (languages can be followed by a country code compliant with the ISO 3166-1 norm)
  • Fix bugs with the specific code generation for Java and C#
  • Fix bugs when combining the use of application identifier and specific-code and compiling with -l1…-ln
  • Java ME: Fix the jad generation. Do not add the “MIDlet-Permissions” line if there is no permissions to declare
  • Windows Phone:
    • Add support for the Windows Phone tile background image
    • Fix the application title displayed in the phone menu and tile by adding the application name in the WMAppManifest.xml file instead of the text “title”
    • Fix the language declared in the AssemblyInfo.cs file. It was always set to “fr-FR”, now it is set to the compilation language declared with the -l parameter (or the first language declared with the -m parameter)
  • GenericApi: Add SpecificUtils.getSpecificAudioPlayer() method
  • GenericApi for BlackBerry:
    • Compatibility with BlackBerry devices with JDE < 5.0 (using the Java ME Generic API)
    • Fix TextLabel marquee effect bug: marquee will be disabled if the text is shorter than label’s width
    • Fix TextField edit mode for Numeric, phone number. The keyboard shows only authorized characters
    • Fix TextField.setEditMode bug when changing mode
  • GenericAPI for JavaME:
    • Compatibility with CLDC 1.0 targets
    • Add marqueeEffect
    • Fix bugs in ImageButton
    • Fix issue in RadioButton focus
  • Update XSD definitions in the URS file of all examples