NeoMAD 3.1.4 release notes

March 5, 2013

NeoMAD 3.1.4 is a maintenance release that brings some enhancements and addresses bugs of NeoMAD 3.1.3.

Fixed bugs

Build chain

  • Improve the error message displayed when an invalid expression is used as a condition in the URS.
  • Fix the usage of the <applicationidentifier> parameter combined with platform-specific code.
  • Android: fix the -source option used to compile the source code (set “-source 1.5”).
  • iOS: now the Bundle Identifier of the generated project takes the value of the <applicationidentifier> parameter declared in the URS (which is the <packagename> by default).
  • iOS: allow to modify the Bundle Identifier in the generated project (then Xcode can be used to compile the project).

Generic API

  • Add the DoNotObfuscate interface. The classes that implement this interface will not be obfuscated by Proguard (when building a binary for Android, BlackBerry or Java ME).

Generic API for Android

  • Allow to process received intents in platform-specific code.

Generic API for BlackBerry

  • Implement setClickable() for ImageButton.