NeoMAD 4.0.2 release notes

August 22, 2016

NeoMAD 4.0.2 is a maintenance release proposing small enhancements and fixes.


  • Improve DefaultRetryPolicy documentation to explain its behaviour.
  • Improve ImageQuery documentation in order to add details about the RetryPolicy used.
  • Improve MenuItem images requirements documentation.
  • Add HelloWorldExample missing icons required for Stores.
  • Implement AutoCompleteTextField for WindowsPhone
  • Add AutoCompleteTextField.setThreshold() method.
  • Add AutoCompleteTextField.setSuggestionsInKeyboard() method


  • Improve the error message when the JDK path specified in the file is not correct.
  • Fix a crash occurring when the res folder does not exist in a project. Now display an error instead.
  • Remove the constraint that resource variant folders should contain all the required resources. Now this constraint applies globally for the res and variant folders.
  • Android
    • Fix orientation constants for Archos tablets, now orientation is based on sensors.
  • iOS
    • Fix CustomDialog : a crash was occurring with the message unrecognized selector sent to instance.
    • Fix AutoCompleteTextField.setData(List<T>) that was not instantly updating the ui with suggestions.
    • Fix TextArea : the text was disappearing when the default text was set.
  • Windows
    • Fix disappearing left and right MenuItems when clicking on the back button.
    • Fix Screen : the background was removed when going back on the screen.