NeoMAD 4.8.5 release notes

July 20, 2022

Maps: get location as user touches the map

Adds a new listener com.neomades.maps.listener.OnMapClickListener to detect touches on the map. The callback returns the location (latitude and longitude) of the point that was clicked.

Services for Android

Services API was updated for Android. It now uses the API.

The behavior is the same as before except that the minimum schedule interval must be greater than 15 minutes (a schedule time interval below 15 minutes is set to 15 minutes).

This does not require changes in the NeoMAD project.

Local notification scheduling for Android

Local notification scheduling was updated for Android. As for the services, the NeoMAD API now relies on API.

This does not change the behavior of the application and this does not require changes in the NeoMAD project.


  • Android:
    • Fix camera and gallery detection to be able to work with the ones on emulator
    • Fix a bug in ImageUrlLabel where images may not be reloaded after an URL change
  • iOS:
    • Fix title bar customization that did not work for iOS 14+
    • Fix SlideScreen middle screen title bar that may not appear in iOS 14+
    • Fix display of ListView without adapter in iOS 14+ (elements of the list were hidden)