Extensions are archives (.nar files) that enable developers to share common components, libraries or pieces of code between several NeoMAD application projects.


For the moment extensions are built by the Neomades company. In the future, creating, building and publishing extensions will be possible.

.nar format

Extensions use the .nar file extension. NAR means NeoMAD Archive (like jar, war …). nar files are similar than aar format (well known in Android).

This is an archive that embeds a definition (stubs and javadoc) of a library and its implementation for all the platforms supported by NeoMAD.


In the future, nar will also embed resources and any kind of useful files for each platform supported by NeoMAD.

Optional NeoMAD extensions

Optional Extensions are libraries that can be used in a NeoMAD project but that are not in the main NeoMAD library.

They are optional libraries with additional features (for example the Agenda library that allows the user to access and modify the platform calendar).

See Agenda

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