NeoMAD 4.6.1 release notes

October 31, 2018


iOS Build chain improvement

The NeoMAD build chain for iOS targets has been improved to be more efficient with more accuracy. Messages displayed in the NeoMAD console have been improved for better comprehension.

The XCODE_PATH value which can be set in the is now controlled to handle potential errors. Its value is also display in the NeoMAD console.

Package content query improvement (com.neomades.content)

ContentQuery default time out which was too long (60sec), time out now depends on its RetryPolicy (DefaultRetryPolicy class is used by default and its time out is 2,5sec). A custom time out can be set on the ContentQuery using setRetryPolicy(RetryPolicy) method, a custom DefaultRetryPolicy can be used.

Package content cache improvement (com.neomades.content.cache)

The cache classes documentation from package content have been improved to also explain how the server should manage cache policy.

DefaultFileCache and DefaultCacheEntry classes have been added to handle default cache behavior easily. Please refer to the javadoc of these classes for more information.


  • Screen.registerEvents(): Use new method Screen.registerContentError() instead.


  • NeoMAD is now able to generate specific code implementation (-gsi command line option) when a NeoMAD extension is referenced in the URS (<extensions> tag).
  • RSSReaderExample now correctly displays the content of its main screen.
  • Android:
    • Removed the native GET_ACCOUNTS permission which was automatically added when declaring NeoMAD push services in the URS (this native permission is useless since Android 4.0.4).
  • iOS:
    • Fix -s command line option for IOS, IPAD and IPHONE targets: the simulator was not launched when a correct XCODE_PATH property was set in the
    • Fix SplitScreen.setDetailScreen(): an empty white screen was the first screen of the stack instead of the one passed in paramater.
    • Fix Xcode architecture warning when generating an iOS binary for iOS 12.