NeoMAD 4.6 release notes

September 07, 2018

iOS12 Ready

This version of NeoMAD is compatible with Xcode10. Generated binaries can be installed on devices with iOS12 Operating System.

Android 9

The NeoMAD build chain and libraries have been verified to be compliant with the latest Android SDK 9.


The Charts extension enables to add BarCharts or PieCharts to your application.

See Charts documentation for further details.


URS Specific Android improvement

NeoMAD now supports Android gradle properties to declare remote dependencies and remote repositories directly in the <specific><android> tag of URS. Use the <gradleproperties> tag to add a <dependency> and/or a <repository> to your Android project.

For example, to declare an Android remote dependency and an Android remote repository :

            <dependency groupname="" name="app-magic" version="12.3"/>
            <repository type="maven" url="" />

SlideScreen (

  • Add SlideScreen.setLeftScreenWidth(int width) to force a width for the left pane.
  • Add SlideScreen.setRightScreenWidth(int width) to force a width for the right pane.


  • Android:
    • Fix an IllegalStateException on MediaPlayer when trying to play a media on Android 7 and higher.
    • Fix crash when using TextLabel.setMarqueeEffect() on Android 7 only.
    • Fix a black screen or a strange visual effect that may occur on Screen when application becomes active after a long time in background or after a restart.