NeoMAD 4.9 release notes

September 21, 2022

Remove supports of Windows targets

WINDOWS80, WINDOWS81, WINDOWSPHONE80 targets were removed from NeoMAD.

Clean resources

Remove folders of resources and resources specific for Windows (resources with a -windows in the name).

Remove several deprecated Blackberry methods

Be careful to remove calls to these classes and methods that was used only for Blackberry.

  • com.neomades.opengl.GLUtils.freeBuffer(Buffer buffer)
  • com.neomades.opengl.GLUtils.glTexImage2D(GL gl, int level, int format, int type, Image bitmap, Rect region)
  • com.neomades.opengl.GLUtils.gluLookAt(GL gl, float eyeX, float eyeY, float eyeZ, float centerX, float centerY, float centerZ, float upX, float upY, float upZ)
  • com.neomades.opengl.GLUtils.gluOrtho2D(GL gl, float left, float right, float bottom, float top)
  • com.neomades.opengl.GLUtils.gluPerspective(GL gl, float fovy, float aspect, float zNear, float zFar)
  • com.neomades.opengl.GLUtils.isSupported()

Get Wifi IP

com.neomades.util.DeviceInfo.getWifiIpAddress() enables to find the current Wifi IP address of the device.

To use the method on Android, WIFI_STATE permission must be declared in the URS.