NeoMAD 3.5.3 release notes

April 4, 2014

NeoMAD 3.5.3 is a maintenance release proposing small enhancements and fixes.


Build Chain

  • Allow to obfuscate the libraries declared with the <libraries> tag in the URS, thanks to the new boolean obfuscate attribute that can be used in the <file> tags inside <libraries>

Generic API

  • Add setBadgeNumber(int number) method to Application in order to set the badge over the application icon in iOS and Windows Phone


  • Modify the way the PlatformSpecificCode example is packaged to make it compile without any modification; update the corresponding chapter in the User Guide
  • Fix the icons of some examples for BlackBerry and Java ME

Fixed bugs

Build Chain

  • Fix a freeze during the setup in some environments
  • Fix the packaging of the string resources for a language declared as locale-region (for example fr-CA or en-US)
  • Fix the validation of layout files when there is no Internet connection


  • MenuItem: fix setFullSizeImage()