NeoMAD 3.9.4 release notes

October 16, 2015

NeoMAD 3.9.4 is a maintenance release proposing bug fixes.


  • Android:
    • Fix Build failure when application contains HttpRequest calls with Android SDK 6.0
  • iOS:
    • Fix ViewPager bug when ViewPager size changes. Now the ViewPager re-computes page sizes instead of re-creating each
    • Fix ListView bug when its size and the number of items change at the same time.
    • Fix Scroll gesture conflict between ScrollView and GestureDetector (event if there is no pan gesture listener).
    • Improve View.setBackground(Image) memory consumption when image is too big
    • Fix Application missing field(s) initialization.
    • Fix Application default constructor not called bug.
    • Fix TextArea content height when editing
    • Fix memory leak with ZoomView inside ViewPager
    • Fix ViewPager reset to page 0 only when changing adapter
    • Fix Signature build step with Xcode 7
    • Fix support of libraries built with Xcode 6 by disabling BIT_CODE (this value can be changed through the URS file)