NeoMAD 4.6.4 release notes

December 13, 2018

NeoMAD 4.6.4 is a maintenance release proposing fixes and small enhancements.

Extension Charts improvement (com.neomades.chart.view.PieChart)

NeoMAD now allows to hide the hole in the middle of the PieChart with setHoleEnabled(boolean holeEnabled) method.

WebView cookies (com.neomades.ui.WebView)

New methods had been added to WebView to handle cookies:

  • List<HttpCookie> getCookies(): returns the list of HttpCookie for the current WebView (WebView URL must have been loaded).
  • clearCookies(): clears all the cookies stored by the system.
  • clearCache(): clears the cache of the WebView.
  • setCookiePolicy(CookiePolicy): sets the cookie policy of the WebView (accept all URL, accept original server URL only or reject all).


  • Android:
    • Fix NetworkResponse.getHeaders(): if a header entry had several values, only the last one was kept. Now all the values are returned in a String separated by comas.
  • iOS:
    • Fix Controller: a blank screen could appear when the resetScreenStack(Class screen) method was called with a screen that had a specific orientation.
    • Fix Controller: the onDestroy() method was not called on all the screens from the stack when resetScreenStack(Class screen) method was used.
    • Fix SlideScreen: the onDestroy() method was only called on the last screen of each stack of the SlideScreen when the entire SlideScreen was popped or reset.
    • Fix SlideScreen: if a Screen was pushed above a SlideScreen with a custom back button text color, it was ignored and the back button was displayed with the default native color.
    • Fix Charts extension: Charts extension now works on device if built with Xcode 10.1.
  • Windows - WindowsPhone:
    • Fix ContentQuery: ContentQuery.setHeaders() did not set the headers on the query.
    • Fix WaitView: indicatorStyle property is now supported correctly in xml layout.