NeoMAD 3.7.2 release notes

March 23, 2015

NeoMAD 3.7.2 is a maintenance release proposing small enhancements and fixes.


  • Add ListScrollListener and AbsListView.setListScrollListener()
  • Improve the “New NeoMAD Project” wizard in the Eclipse plugin in order to reduce the number of mandatory fields
  • Eclipse plugin:
    • Now “Run/Debug As NeoMAD Application” is directly usable without doing any configuration (a default configuration is automatically created)
    • The “New NeoMAD Project” wizard has been simplified, all the settings are pre-filled with default values


  • Fix NeoMAD to be compatible with JRE 1.8
  • Fix the installer of NeoMAD to be compatible with JRE 1.6 to 1.8
  • Eclipse plugin:
    • Fix bug: value of the Android path in the NeoMAD settings not reloaded
    • Fix the creation of project using the “New NeoMAD Project” wizard: the compilation of the generated project was failing for Android because the generated icon was in JPG format instead of PNG
    • “Run/Debug As NeoMAD Application” has been fixed (there was an error message asking to update the ADT plugin even if it was up to date)
  • iOS:
    • Fix iOS project XCode build failure with AppIcon.iconset
    • Fix missing icon size: 114x114
    • Fix HttpResponse.getDataStream().read() with big downloads
    • Fix User Guide: add missing icon size 144 required for iOS 5 and 6
    • Fix bug in ScrollView: content was not correctly redrawn during rotation in some cases
    • Fix image SCALE_TO_FIT algorithm. Image was not displayed correctly in some cases (in rotation in ScrollView when the width of the image was all the screen width)
    • Fix the translation of inner classes to Objective-C when the inner class should access to the declaring fields
    • Fix Layout.addView(View, int index) bug, it did not work for a layout that had a background (color or other)
    • Fix JSONObject parsing bug with default encoding
    • Fix iPAD default LaunchImage to avoid compilation errors when building for IPAD target only
    • Fix bug in SlideScreen: calling setLeftScreenOpened(false) or setRightScreenOpened(false) did not work the first time after the left or right screen was opened
    • Fix default launch image for iPAD 5 and 6
  • Android:
    • Fix a bug when using -d in the command line with a string value, when the application identifier is set
    • Fix build failure when application identifier is set and Constants are used in application code
    • Fix missing icon size: 192x192
    • Fix ListView with selector set to avoid exception in Android 4.0 and before
    • Fix runOnUIThread() to avoid NullPointerException
  • Windows Phone:
    • Fix TextLabel bug; View must be forced clickable when a ClickListener is set
  • Windows 8:
    • Fix splash icon rendering to keep aspect ratio
    • Fix Network.isEthernetConnected(); it was returning true even if there was no access to internet