NeoMAD 4.1.1 release notes

November 05, 2016

NeoMAD 4.1.1 is a maintenance release proposing small enhancements and fixes.


iOS WebView

The NeoMAD iOS WebView implementation uses WKWebView. The major advantage is a faster Javascript engine and better results in HTML5.

Swift frameworks

NeoMAD lets the developer using Swift framework as third party libraries for specific-code implementation.

URS iOS Framework list

The URS file suggests an updated list of frameworks. Moreover, custom name of frameworks can be written.

Compatibility changes

Android 2 support is stopped

NeoMAD stops supporting Android 2 and Android 3 versions.

The minimum API Level is now 14.


  • Fix HttpResponse.getHeader(String) to return multi-values string. e.g. multi-cookies values in Set-Cookie header.
  • Android - Fix Controller.resetScreenStack() that freezed the application if called after the application was started from a custom URL - Fix “Error null” in Android build that occured when the JDK_PATH was set empty in the file
  • iOS - Fix Ad-hoc signature failure - Fix Signature failure in MacOS Sierra environment. - Fix Application.openURL crash - Fix remote notification API that did not work since iOS 10 support. - Set Location API compatible with BeaconLocation - Fix ImageUrlLabel crash that occured when the ImageUrlLabel was set without default image ID.
  • Windows Phone
    • Fix Controller.resetScreenStack(), Controller.replaceCurrentScreen(): method now throws exception as said in javadoc
    • Fix AutoCompleteTextField NullPointerException that occured when data was null.