NeoMAD 4.4.2 release notes

October 6, 2017

NeoMAD 4.4.2 is a maintenance release proposing small enhancement.


  • View.setClickListener() will set the view clickable (even if the listener is null)
  • Android:
    • Declaring <maps/> in URS correctly declared the play-services-maps dependency in the AndroidStudio generated project
    • Declaring <push/> in URS only add the declaration of play-services-gcm dependency in the AndroidStudio generated project. play-services-auth, play-services-basement, play-services-measurement dependencies are no longer added in the generated project, to add them if your specific code needs them, use the custom templateDir mechanism and declare them directly in the build.gradle template.
    • Fix a crash that occured when a photo was taken from the camera
  • iOS:
    • Add support of icon 1024x1024 which is required for store publication
    • Fix RadioButton onCheckChange callback that was not called when a radiobutton was used outside a RadioGroup
    • Fix an Agenda crash that occured when trying to open the Agenda with an event without recurrence
    • Add WaitView.setIndicatorStyle() to change the iOS WaitView indicator style in order to replace setStyle() (setStyle() is used by XML layouts). This method is only for iOS and does nothing on other platforms.
  • Windows:
    • Fix a ListView.scrollToTop() crash that occured when the method is called while the ListView is not visible on the screen