The NeoMAD license control is based on two main pieces of information: the client ID and the license key:

  • The client ID represents a customer - company or indie - who has signed a license contract with Neomades; no client ID is required to run the Starter version of NeoMAD
  • A license key is used to unlock an installation of NeoMAD on a given computer; each license key is bound to a client ID


You need an internet connection to activate and check periodically the license.

Enter the Client ID (Indie and Business versions)

The first time it is used, NeoMAD asks for a client ID (unless you are using the Starter version). It will then connect to the Neomades server to check if this client ID is valid.

Enter the license key

Once the client ID has been validated, NeoMAD asks for a license key. It will then connect to the Neomades server to check if this license is valid and not already used.

When all these pieces of information have been validated by the Neomades server, your NeoMAD installation is ready to use.


The license validity will then be checked periodically. An internet connection is required each time NeoMAD has to connect to the server to check the license validity (4 days for the Starter version, one month for the Indie and Business versions).

NeoMAD configuration file

The configuration of NeoMAD is stored in the file which can be located at three different places :

  1. In the NeoMAD’s project directory beside the NeoMAD URS file.
    This file must be created by the user using the file from NeoMAD’s installation directory.
  2. In the NeoMAD’s installation directory.
    This file is created during the installation of NeoMAD and is filled using the values you chose during the installation process or with the NeoMAD plugin settings.
    It can be manually edited later with a text editor or directly with the plugin. if the configuration must be updated.
  3. In the user home directory, inside a required .neomad directory:
    This file must be created by the user using the file from NeoMAD’s installation directory.
    • On Mac OS: /Users/username/.neomad/
    • On Windows: C:\Users\username\.neomad\


Properties can be overridden in the command line see Neomad command line configuration properties.

These files and command line properties respect a priority order to select the needed property from prior to minor:

  1. Command line properties (see Neomad command line configuration properties)
  2. located in NeoMAD’s project
  3. located in NeoMAD’s installation directory
  4. located in user home directory


If the same property is set in the located in NeoMAD’s project and in the located in user home directory.
The property from the project folder will be selected.


If you are connecting through a proxy, you will have to provide additional information in the file so that NeoMAD can connect to the Neomades server.




The path to the Android SDK must be provided in the ANDROIDPATH property.


ANDROIDPATH=C:/Program Files (x86)/Android/android-sdk (Windows)
ANDROIDPATH=/Applications/Android/android-sdk (Mac OS)

iOS (Mac OS only)

In a Mac OS environment, NeoMAD will automatically search for the SDK embedded in Xcode to build for iOS. Consequently, be sure that Xcode is installed in the environment where NeoMAD runs.

However you can override the default Xcode path to select another Xcode for compiling your NeoMAD project in the XCODE_PATH property.




In a Windows environment, since Xcode is not available, the project cannot be built. However the Xcode project can be generated and transferred to a Mac.