You need to develop a multi-platform mobile application but you don’t know how to develop under iOS, Android or other specific language ?

From an initial and single Java project source code, NeoMAD generates various native binaries and source codes (e.g. iOS, Android) as depicted on Figure 1.

Multi platform compilation

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NeoMAD is a powerful multi-platform compilation tool that fastens the development, deployment and commercialization of mobile applications.

The latest version adds support for Java 6 source code with enhancements of Java API (Collections), a new way to provide resources (without declaring them inside the project file), a more complete XML layout system.

Introduction to NeoMAD

One project

Code written in Java 6

NeoMAD offers a single language – Java, library, and runtime that works across all platforms of iOS and Android, while still compiling native (non-interpreted) applications in order to give same performances as native apps written by native developers.

One Generic API

NeoMAD has build a cross-plaform Java library written in platform preferred language (Objective-C for iOS).

GenericAPI has an UI toolkit (developed since 2010) that allows developers to easily create native user interface layouts that can be shared across Android and iOS.

One way to provide resources

Providing resources in NeoMAD is similar as Android. Developers should lean only one way to provide resources in different resolutions, with device-variations.

One way to write User-Interface in XML

User interface can be described in XML files like Android.

Generating native source projects

NeoMAD tools use Native Tools (Android SDK, Xcode in iOS) and can generate readable platform projects. Developers can generate and see project output in the platform IDE.

Providing your own native source code as input

NeoMAD offers binding sources that allow you to easily bind native Objective-C, Java and C# source code.

NeoMAD IDE (Eclipse Bundle)

NeoMAD IDE provides a pre-configured Eclipse with NeoMAD plugin for building apps on every type of device.

Tools for building apps

NeoMAD can also be used in command line for building apps through scripts and continous integration systems.