NeoMAD 3.7.1 release notes

January 30, 2015

NeoMAD 3.7.1 is a maintenance release proposing small enhancements and fixes.

Compatibility changes

For iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone targets, icons must be declared with the new icon structure.

In the URS file, the icon path must be @icon/icon:

    <icon path="@icon/icon">

Icon files must be placed inside the new resource folder structure, as follows:


where XX is the size of the icon. Refer to the User Guide in order to know which icon size should be provided for each platform.

For further information, see the User Guide and the IconsExample example.


Icon declaration

  • Icon declaration has been improved in order to provide more icon sizes for each platform


  • ListScrollListener is now supported on Windows and Windows Phone


  • setLeftSlidingTouchAreaWidth() is now implemented for iOS and Windows platforms


  • ReturnKeyListener is now implemented for Windows platforms
  • setReturnKeyType(ReturnKeyType) is now implemented for Windows platforms


  • HorizontalListView.setColumnWidthAdapter() is now implemented for Android platform


  • Fix ‘null’ error when the CSV strings file is empty
  • Fix SlideScreen default sliding touch area to be at the edge of the screen
  • iOS:
    • Fix appstore publication bug with missing icon files. See Icon declaration enhancement
    • Fix ipa appstore signature failure with XCode 6.1
    • Fix iOS projects to support 64 bits architecture (required for iOS appstore publication after 1st February 2015)
  • Android:
    • Fix Camera.takePicture() bug with image stream which have bad orientation.
    • Fix TextField.setClickable(false) to hide virtual keyboard
    • Fix ListView.setSeparatorColor()
    • Fix -s option with new ANDROID target and Eclipse Plugin
  • Windows:
    • Improve FileOutputStream writing speed
    • Improve FileInputStream writing speed
    • Fix String constructor with byte array, remove ‘0’ characters at the end of created string
    • Fix StringUtils.replaceAll(), was not working with regular expressions
    • Fix ImageLabel default layout alignment to HCENTER | VCENTER as in Android and iOS
    • Fix Thread corresponding to a Timer as “exiting” when the Timer instance is destructed
    • Fix TextLabel.setLines() and TextLabel.setMaxLines() implementation for Windows
    • Fix CustomDialog position when title bar is visible
    • Fix CustomDialog default content alignment
    • Fix Controller.resetScreenStack() bug
    • Fix RowHeightAdapter and ColumnWidthAdapter bad size
    • Fix Image.setScaleType() with SCALE_TO_FIT and MATCH_PARENT mode
    • Fix DeviceInfo.isTablet() to be true for Windows 8 devices
    • Fix ComboBox.setSelectedItem(null) exception