NeoMAD 4.9.4 release notes

September 19, 2023

Support of Xcode 15 and iOS 17

NeoMAD now supports Xcode 15 and iOS 17.

Constants have been added in DeviceInfo to condition code on iOS 17.0.

iOS minimum version

iOS supported minimum version is now iOS 12 to be compatible with Xcode 15 requirements.

Podfile improvement for iOS

post_install sections for the Podfile can now be declared in the urs file:

            <podfile minTargetVersion="10.0">
            installer.aggregate_targets.each do |target|\n
                target.xcconfigs.each do |variant, xcconfig|\n
            xcconfig_path = target.client_root + target.xcconfig_relative_path(variant)\n
            IO.write(xcconfig_path,"DT_TOOLCHAIN_DIR", "TOOLCHAIN_DIR"))\n


  • iOS
    • Fix the initialization of PagerTitleStrip that produced a crash in iOS 17