NeoMAD 4.2 release notes

January 20, 2017

New features

Generating Android Studio project

When building for the Android target, NeoMAD 4.2 generates an Android Studio project in the output folder (next to the .apk file). This can be useful for debugging projects outside NeoMAD or writting some specific code for Android.

To know how to use the generated project, visit the associated NeoMAD guide


Google has announced that Android Studio is the official IDE for Android development.

Generating Android Eclipse project is DEPRECATED

NeoMAD continues to generate Android Eclipse project in this 4.2 release, but it is DEPRECATED from now^. It will be removed in the next version.


Google has officially announced that it is stopping support and development for Android Developer Tool (ADT) in Eclipse.

Compatibility changes

Command Line option -gp

Since NeoMAD 4.2.0, NeoMAD always generates the Android Studio project to the output folder when a application is built for the ANDROID target.


The -gp option is obsolete and will be removed in the next release.