Splash (Optional)

A splash screen is an image that is shown while your application is loading. Splash screens are optional for all platforms. On Windows Phone, splashes are discouraged.

Splash images should be 32-bit PNGs without transparency.

Android requirements

For Android we recommend creating a separate set of splashes for each generalized screen density as follows:

Android specifiers size file Requirements
mdpi portrait 320 x 480 splash-320x480.png Recommended for store
hdpi portrait 480 x 800 splash-480x800.png Recommended for store
xhdpi portrait 720 x 1280 splash-720x1280.png Optional
xxhdpi portrait 960 x 1600 splash-960x1600.png Optional
xxxhdpi portrait 1280 x 1920 splash-1280x1920.png Optional
mdpi landscape 480 x 320 splash-480x320.png Recommended for store
hdpi landscape 800 x 480 splash-800x480.png Recommended for store
xhdpi landscape 1280 x 720 splash-1280x720.png Optional
xxhdpi landscape 1600 x 960 splash-1600x960.png Optional
xxxhdpi landscape 1920 x 1280 splash-1920x1280.png Optional

iOS requirements

As for Android you should support the different screen variations providing a complete set of images:

iOS Launch Image size file Requirements
iPad Portrait @1x 768 x 1024 splash-768x1024.png Recommended for Store
iPad Portrait @2x 1536 x 2048 splash-1536x2048.png Recommended for Store
iPad Landscape @1x 1024 x 768 splash-1024x768.png Recommended for Store
iPad Landscape @2x 2048 x 1536 splash-2048x1536.png Recommended for Store
iPhone Portrait Retina4 640 x 1136 splash-640x1136.png Recommended for Store
iPhone Portrait @2x 640 x 960 splash-640x960.png Recommended for Store
iPhone Portrait HD4.7 2208 x 1242 splash-2208x1242.png Recommended for Store
iPhone Portrait HD5.5 1242 x 2208 splash-1242x2208.png Recommended for Store
iPhone Landscape HD5.5 750 x 1334 splash-750x1334.png Recommended for Store
iPhone X Portrait @3x 1125 x 2436 splash-1125x2436.png Recommended for Store
iPhone X Landscape @3x 2436 x 1125 splash-2436x1125.png Recommended for Store

NeoMAD automatically provides black screen for splash if no resource is defined by the user.

For more information, please refer to the Apple Launch Images Guidelines.

Windows Phone requirements


Splashes are discouraged for Windows Phone, but Visual Studio projects can declare splash images.

Windows Phone splash Windows Phone version size file Requirements
Application splash 8.0, 8.1 768 x 1280 splash-768x1280.png Optional
Application splash 8.0, 8.1 480 x 800 splash-480x800.png Optional
Application splash 8.0, 8.1 720 x 1280 splash-720x1280.png Optional

Windows Store Apps requirements

NeoMAD will generate a default splash image representing the application icon centered in the splash screen if no resource is defined by the user. In that case, the icon should have transparency in order to have better integration inside the splash screen.

Windows splash Windows version size file Requirements
Scale 100 8.0, 8.1 620 x 300 splash-620x300.png Recommended for store
Scale 140 8.1 868 x 420 splash-480x800.png Optional
Scale 180 8.1 1116 x 540 splash-720x1280.png Optional

Providing splash resources

The splash folder structure should look like:

  • The res/splash directory contains generic splashes. These splashes could be reused by different platforms if the provided size is matching with platform splash size requirements.
  • The res/splash-platform directories provide specific platform splashes (e.g. splashes in res/splash-android will be used only for Android targets). If the same splash is declared under res/splash and res/splash-platform, the file in res/splash-platform will be kept during application build.
  • splash-XXXxXXX.png is the name of the splash file. The first digits are the width of the image, then after the ‘x’ character the last digits are the height in pixels. The authorized sizes are listed above.