NeoMAD 3.5 release notes

November 15, 2013

New Features

Build chain

  • Remove old Android targets (version lower than 2.2 – API Level 8)
  • Remove iOS 4.3 support
  • Remove Java ME MIDP 1.0 targets

Generic API


The Notification API (com.neomades.notification) enables applications to receive native push messages through notifications.

Thanks to Local Notifications it is also possible to schedule or show notifications directly from the application, without server part.


Using the Service API (, it is now possible to run background operation outside the application. The service can run once or scheduled at a periodic interval.


A new method runOnBackgroundThread() enables to run tasks inside a dedicated thread running in background.

Location (Proximity regions)

The Location API (com.neomades.location) provides a new feature to handle regions of interest. The region is located around a point on the Earth, and the application will be notified when the end-user is near it.


This class allows to integrate native views and third-party views in a NeoMAD project. These views must be defined in platform-specific code and wrapped using SpecificView.


Many enhancements have been made to the ListView control :

  • ListAdapter for asynchronous lists
  • ItemTypeAdapter for showing many types of views inside ListAdapter

The ViewPager control shows an horizontal scroll view with many pages. The end-user scrolls the control from left-to-right or right-to-left.

The FrameLayout layout enables stacking views.

Minor enhancements

  • Add ANDROID43 to DeviceInfo
  • Add ANDROID44 to DeviceInfo
  • HttpRequest is no longer final and can be overriden


  • LocationExample: add proximity feature
  • AsyncListExample: new example about asynchronous ListView.

Fixed Bugs

Build chain

  • Fix transcompilation of project with .svn inside (.java inside are no more transcompiled)

Generic API for Android

  • Fix AudioPlayer pause bug
  • Fix padding bug for buttons with custom background
  • Fix nested ScrollView inside ListView
  • Fix nested ClickListener inside ListView

Generic API for iOS

  • Fix iOS 7 bugs
  • Fix TimerTask memory allocation bug
  • Fix ViewPager adapter called earlier
  • Fix nested ScrollView inside ListView

Generic API for Java ME

  • Fix a bug that introduces a NullPointerException in TimePicker
  • Fix TabScreen for Nokia S40 and Asha
  • Fix Preferences corruption bugs
  • Fix HTTP timeout
  • Fix TextLabel layout bug
  • Fix TouchEvent performance issues