NeoMAD 4.7 release notes

October 01, 2019

iOS 13 Ready

This version of NeoMAD is compatible with Xcode 10.3. Generated binaries can be installed on devices with iOS 13 Operating System. We recommend to not use Xcode 11 for the moment. It will be supported in future releases.

Android 10

The NeoMAD build chain and libraries are compliant with the latest Android SDK 10.


iOS SplashScreen improvement

NeoMAD now uses a Xcode storyboard to manage the SplashScreen. If your application uses SplashScreen feature in the URS please update your resources. Please see our updated documentation:

URS Specific Android improvement

NeoMAD now supports Network Security Configuration as specified in Android documentation : It allows you to declare specific network security configuration for your application without modifying the source code. Please consult the Android documentation for more information about this feature.

To declare a Network Security Configuration file in NeoMAD:

  • Create your network_security_config.xml as specified in the Android documentation
  • Put the network_security_config.xml into the res/xml folder of the NeoMAD project
  • If any raw files are required by the network_security_config.xml file, put them into the res/raw folder
  • Declare the network_security_config.xml file in the URS (nothing to declare for associated raw files)
   <android networkSecurityConfig="res/xml/network_security_config.xml">


  • iOS:
    • Fix VideoView.getDuration(): Now returns the correct value in milliseconds.