NeoMAD 4.3 release notes

May 22, 2017

NeoMAD Extensions

Extensions are archives (.nar files) that enable developers to share common components, libraries or pieces of code between several NeoMAD application projects.

NeoMAD 4.3 provides the first extension : Agenda API

See Extension documentation for further details.


The Agenda extension enables to add events in the calendar of the user using the native agenda application installed on the device (for example the Google Agenda application on Android or the Calendar application on iOS).

See Agenda documentation for further details.

Compatibility changes

iOS specific code compatibility


This section only concerns projects that uses the Platform Specific Code feature.

Because of internal changes in the way the NeoMAD iOS API is generated, specific iOS code must be updated for a project that was built with a previous NeoMAD version. The following imports in your specific code implementation:

#import <GenericAPI/GenericAPI.h>

must be replaced by:

@import NeomadJavaCore;
@import NeomadCore;


For compatibility reason, NeoMAD will do the change automatically each time the project is built for iOS. However, this will be left in a future version.

Android API Level used for targetSdkVersion

NeoMAD prefers using Android API Level 22 as targetSdkVersion because NeoMAD does not support the RuntimePermissions mechanism that appeared in Android API level 23. To keep compatibility with all Android Devices, NeoMAD finds the best API Level for building apps and prevents you with warning if your Android SDK is not compliant.

Text edit modes

EditMode has been deprecated because the developer has to combinate some bitmask, this is too complicated. Some combinations were missing.


This mode enables developers to set an appropriate keyboard with a input field.

One of the following modes can be used : ANY, EMAIL_ADDRESS, NUMERIC, PHONE_NUMBER.


This mode can change the set text inside the input field, whatever the case used by the user.

One of the following modes can be used : NONE, CHARACTERS, SENTENCES, WORDS.

AutoCorrect Mode

Enable or disable auto-correction over the set text.


  • Installer: improve error message handling during the SDK paths configuration phase