Cloning applications

In the mobile development process, it is common to clone applications. For instance, you may want to build a custom branded project whose resources may vary according to the needs of the client. Thanks to NeoMAD URS parameters, it is very easy to achieve this goal.

The application identifier tag

The <parameters> section of the URS can have an <applicationidentifier> tag. This tag is optional and its default value is the <packagename> tag value. It serves as a unique identifier for the application and can be used to build different applications from the same project.

The value of this tag must be a full Java-language-style package name for the application. The name should be unique and may contain uppercase or lowercase letters ('A' through 'Z'), numbers and underscores ('_'). However, individual package name parts may only start with letters.


To avoid conflicts with other developers, you should use Internet domain ownership as the basis for your package names (in reverse). For example, applications published by Neomades start with com.neomades.

See: Cloning application sample