Converting to Visual Studio project for Windows Phone

With NeoMAD, you can generate the C# Windows Phone project for your application with NeoMAD Java source code. The project is automatically built when the application is compiled for a Windows Phone target.

Understand the Visual Studio project

For Windows Phone targets, a Visual Studio 2010 project is created in the output folder. This project can be opened, modified and built in Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone.

The output folder is organized as follows:

  • .sln file: the Visual Studio solution file
  • .csproj file: the Visual Studio project file
  • Launch.xaml.cs file: the application entry point, do not modify
  • NeoMAD file simulating your application’s .jad file
  • lib folder containing the libraries required by the project
  • Properties folder with the default property files
  • src folder
    • with your source code translated into C#
    • with TargetInfo.cs containing the target’s technical information
  • res folder with your application’s resources

If Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone is installed on the computer running NeoMAD, the binary file (.xap) will be generated alongside the project.